The Obelisk

made to create an elevated experience of the senses


The Obelisk, in ancient architecture, is a monument placed on either sides of the entrances to the temples of the Gods. From its base structure to its detailed intricacies carved into its body, the restaurant hopes to convey that within its interior - a strong foundation, and exquisite attention to the smallest of details.

From the bare concrete floors as the base and starting point for all possibilities to become reality, a rose gold interior speaks of an everlasting beauty, indulging oneself into opulence. Lined with yellow gold accents that represents the modern day luxury, and antique mirrors as an ode to the past and a reminder of our roots - The Obelisk will transport you to a place and time unlike any other.

The acoustics of the restaurant was created with balance in mind, for designer speakers that would eliminate hearing fatigue for customers and employees alike, while contributing to a smooth and enjoyable ambience. 

Food and drinks are concocted exclusively by our very team. Specialising in fusion cuisines, The Obelisk currently showcases a menu of Thai x Spanish dishes and cocktails.